Caravan Awnings Installation and Repair

As it would have it, we seem to regularly replace awnings for insurance repairs, be it wind damage or a slight brush up against a tree. 

We also replace your existing awning if it is worn, torn or damaged.

New awnings are a great addition to your caravan. They are easy to set up and provide good protection from sun and rain. With so many new slide-out options on caravans today, roll our awnings are also a great way to provide shade and rain protection to your slide out sections.

Awnings come in two different types.

Roof awnings that are fitted to the roof of the caravan; and

Wall Awnings, that are fitted to the wall of the caravan.

As a general rule, if your caravan has curved edges, then a roof awning is suitable and if your caravan has square edges and enough room above the door, then a wall awning is more suitable.

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