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Enjoy reading some of the more common questions that are clients ask us

We do our best to prioritise our clients based on urgency and proximity. The caravan business has been incredibly busy the past 12 months, therefore we ask our clients to be patient as we do our best to provide the best possible service.

Generally, there are a couple of key factors that sway this decision.

1.      Complexity of the work – the more complicated work is best done inside our service centre.

2.      Will you require parts that are not generally available in our mobile service – running around chasing parts will add cost to your job, therefore it is always better for us to see the work first and then locate the parts ready to do the work.


3.      Do you require a quote before we commence the work – Caravans are generally complex. What at first appears as something simple can soon turn into something rather complex. Most caravan technicians prefer to see the work needed before quoting.  Sometimes, this can be done by obtaining a photo or a video of the problem.  Where the problem is not obviously clear, it is best to bring the van into our service centre for a proper inspection and accurate quote. 

We most certainly can assist with the installation of accessories depending on the complexity. You can either purchase the accessory you want, or we can purchase it on your behalf and fit it onsite.  For accessories that require cutting, relocating of other components or a higher level of complexity, we prefer to carry out these works in our service repair centre.  

Importantly we can install just about any accessory to your vehicle and our customer friendly support team  will advise if the mobile unit is the best method.

Our Minor Service covers all aspects of the bearings, brakes, lights, tyres etc (refer our servicing page for full details of the service). 

Our Major Service covers everything I the Minor Service plus a thorough inspection of many parts of your caravan both externally and internally. Our mobile service can also assist with minor repairs which require standard parts and where we can pre-order parts or we have seen your caravan and been able to obtain replacement parts.  Depending on the item, our mobile unit may also assist with full replacement of specific items.

To be certain call our customer friendly support team and they will advise.

Safety for your caravan and camper should be paramount and always top of mind for every caravan enthusiast.  Our Technicians recommend servicing your caravan every 12 months or 10,000 km whichever comes first.  We also recommend a service when a caravan as not been used for more than 6 months.

Depending on all these factors, you may also consider a service before heading out on a long trip, particularly if you have done some off-road travel in between services.  Our view is that it is far less costly to rectify problems before you and your family hit the road.

Regular servicing also serves as a way of:

a. Giving you peace of mind for your next holiday

b. Ensuring that your investment in your caravan is protected as well maintained and serviced caravans retain their value

c. Overall saving you money as preventive spend is far cheaper than expensive repairs after damage occurs

d. Most importantly, it keeps you and others safe.

Generally, a service that does not require any major part replacement will take a few hours.  If it is needed quickly then it can be booked into our service centre, alternatively it will be scheduled with one of our mobile technicians if that is your preference.

Having said that, years of experience have thought us that caravans, motorhomes and campers are complex, technically rich, varied in age and at times international. For these reasons, replacement parts are often not readily available and depending on the make of the caravan, it can sometimes take days and even weeks to locate.

Caravans manufactured overseas naturally come with added challenges when it comes to availability of parts and locating parts particularly for vans that are more than 5 years old.

Our best advice for our customers is never leave it till the last moment thinking that it will be a simple service and most importantly be patient and understanding knowing that we will always do our best to get you on the road as quickly as possible.

Our friendly customer service team are always ready and willing to assist customers at times of need.  We are happy to provide you quotes for your insurance and guide you in the process.  When you lodge a claim with your insurer, you will need to request Jacks Mobile Caravan Service as your preferred repairer, and we will do the rest.

Once your insurance approves the claim, our service technicians will do their best to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

This is a very common request that our service technicians enjoy as it allows them to share in our customers excitement of owning a new recreational vehicle.

Our technicians can come to you and spend time walking you through every major component of your caravan and explaining how it should be used and provide some guidance on what to do and what not to do. 

Our caravan induction process will help avoid costly damage that can happen if you do not understand some of the complexities of your new recreational vehicles. Most importantly it will give you comfort and a higher level of confidence ready for your first adventure.

Depending on the age of your second-hand vehicle, we also provide a basic caravan inspection which ensures that the major components of your van that may influence your safety are working and safe.

Unless you have owned a caravan or camper before, you may appreciate having a specialist technician look and advise you on the condition of the vehicle you are looking to buy.  We can also identify any defects that will require attention and give you an indication of how much it will cost to fix them.

We encourage you to book well ahead for these inspections as they are very popular and we want to ensure that we are available for you.

If safety is your first concern, then the answer is a definite yes. We recommend our customers to do a Major Service on your new van to give you peace of mind that everything is mechanically safe and that all other aspects of your van are working and fault free. 

As part of this service, we will inspect gas, 240V power, 12V charging, stove, refrigerator, air con, hot water system, solar, lights, connections to your vehicle, chains and more.  This service can occur in our service centre or through our mobile service.  Our preference and recommendation to our customer is to bring it into our service centre that way if any parts are needed, we can obtain these for you and get the job done in one go.

Customers can either pay in cash, cheque, or Direct Debit.  In certain circumstances, we can issue an invoice with a 48-hour payment window.

Renovating caravans has become more and more attractive as the design of caravans has been through several iterations. The most important consideration for any renovation is safety. 

Before buying a caravan that you are buying purely for renovation, it is a good idea to have our service technician’s insect it and provide you advice as to the viability of your renovation.

Providing that safety is always at the centre of every decision, then renovating a recreational vehicle can be tons of fun and exciting.  

We offer several packages available for each section of your van (Ensuite, Kitchen, Lounge and Bed), which consider every budget. If you cannot afford a full refurbishment at once, you can pick a design that you like and do one section at a time as it suits your budget knowing up front what the finished product will look like.

When it comes to caravan renovations we pride ourselves on innovation.

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