New Caravan Consultancy

How exciting, you have purchased your second-hand caravan and now you have a million questions?

What is the best way to use your awning, switching from 240V to 12V, locating your hot water system, safe practices for gas when traveling, filling water tanks, switching to a water pump, hot water is not working, going off grid setup, hitching up, what is an Anderson plug, how to run the fridge when travelling, checklist before you drive off and lots more?

If some or most of these questions are crossing your mind, then you are not alone and we can assist you with our caravan orientation program.

Our experienced technician will guide you through a thorough walkthrough of your caravan, internally, externally, connecting to your vehicle and good safety practices.

Once completed, you will feel much more confident with handling and managing your new van.

Being a new second-hand caravan, you may want to start off with a full service of your van to ensure that everything is in order and working correctly and safe.  We offer a Minor Service which focuses predominantly on your brakes, bearings, etc, or a Major Service which covers all aspects of your caravan or camper internally and externally. You will receive a report detailing any issues that we identify for fixing. 

We also assist customers who are considering a second-hand caravan and want some assistance with a pre-purchase inspection.  Our experienced technicians will identify any immediate problems and provide you a list of potential repairs in the future with estimated costs.  This allows you to know up front what you are buying and what repair costs you will face in the future.

If you require any of these services, make sure you let us know when booking in your van so we can allocate the necessary time to complete it.

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